Missing Information about the Drugs You Take

I am a very strong believer in using pharmeceutcial drugs only when absolutely necessary.  I see the amazing innate healing power of the body express itself in patients everyday in my practice, without drugs or surgery.  Yet, too many people are taking too many drugs, hoping for some type of quality of life improvement.  How is someone supposed to make a life-affecting choice about what to put in their body without full disclosure of all information available?

Unfortunately, the massive drug corporations have an unyielding power to control the research that is reported about their products.  The drug companies usually just let you see the favourable results toward their drug.  By seeing only the positive research and none of the neutral or negative results from drug trials, your doctor, your pharamcist and you are unable to make a fully educated decision about the chemicals you are putting in your body.

Ben Goldacre, in this TedMed talk, explains how the pharmaceutical companies are controlling the information.  The information that you as the consumer need to make an informed choice.

“We cannot know the true effects of the medicines that we prescribe, if we do not have access to all of the information.” – Ben Goldacre.

As Dr. Goldacre suggests at the end of the video, we need an action plan.  We need all trials for humans including older trials, for all drugs in current use to be published and we need to tell EVERYONE about this problem.  For more information please send a request to info@alltrials.org.

Yours in health,

Dr. Vanda

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